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Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Dream of Summer

My new amaryllis is beginning to have the flower pod open and just in the nick of time. The weather here has been horrible (try -36 with the wind chill when I woke up yesterday) and any sign of spring is welcome right now. Okay, flowers blooming indoors isn't really a sign of spring, but hey, I'll take what I can find. And of course, like always, there'll be pictures when the amaryllis blooms. This one is a cream/red mixture.

I keep getting emails from the nurseries I've ordered from--and a few others that I signed up for--and I'm so tempted to get some of those huge begonias. They'd have to be indoor plants because, like the amaryllis, they're sissy flowers, but they're big and gorgeous and I'm thinking, wow, wouldn't that add some nice color in the winter. I'm getting just the slightest bit desperate for warm weather. :-)

Of course, it helps that the gnats that came with the second amaryllis appear to be gone now. If I still was fighting those damn things, I wouldn't be quite so tempted by new plants. I hate bugs and don't want any in my house, even if they're only little nuisances.