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Monday, January 14, 2008

My Bad

I think I owe a formal apology to football fans across the country. I'm sorry I rooted for your team. Yep, it's true--every team I wanted to win over the weekend lost. I'm normally not a fan of Indianapolis, but I dislike San Diego even more and I figured the defending Super Bowl champs would win. They didn't.

Then there was the Dallas/NY Giants match up. Every one of the football experts on the FOX pregame show picked Dallas. I figured I'd be one for four. Nope. The Giants won. If anyone wants to make some money in Vegas next weekend, I'll be rooting for San Diego and Green Bay. (With apologies in advance to fans of those two teams.)

I was writing while the games were on--it's still like pulling teeth, but I'm hoping the more I get my butt in the chair, the easier it will come. To that end, I signed up for my chapter's Book In a Week. Publicly admitting my progress or lack thereof will hopefully keep me in my seat and keep me going.

The chapter meeting on Saturday was full, loaded with people and that was good to see! 2008 is a one year in numerology (2+0+0+8 =10 1+0=1) and that signifies new beginnings. That sounds positive, yes?