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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Characters. Sheesh!

No one who's followed this blog for a while will be surprised to hear me say that my characters are driving me nuts. Again. While I was writing the book I turned in July 1--Logan and Shona's still untitled story--Kel would come in and talk to me. Kel is Logan's brother and has a pretty major role in the finished book. I'd have to tell him, later, Kel, I need Logan now, not you. Thankfully, he'd listen and I'd get back to work.

So Logan and Shona are turned in, I've had time to rest even if I'm not caught up yet, and I'm ready to work on a proposal for Kel's story. Do you think he's talking to me? Of course not. Hasn't said boo. Who's talking now? Logan and Shona. They're showing me scenes of Logan meeting Shona's parents for the first time (something that happens after the end of their story). This time telling them that I need Kel isn't working. Grrr! Come on, Kel, I need to know what your story is--start talking!

::Shaking my head:: Is it too much to expect a little cooperation here? It's not as if they're not going to have a pay off at the end even if they do have to suffer some to get there. And besides, it's not like Kel isn't already suffering. Poor guy was captured and tortured. He'll be happier when his story is finished, I promise.