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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Edge of Dawn Up

Edge of Dawn is up for pre-order on! There's even been orders placed already and a couple of people tagged the book before I even knew it was up. Wow! Nice holiday surprise. :-) This is the third book in my Light Warriors series.

The back cover blurb:
Glass artist Shona Blackwood has lost her ability to create, but instead of panic, all she feels is apathy. Her detachment is shaken when she narrowly avoids being mugged, thanks to a timely rescue by a man who makes all her senses come roaring to life.

Logan Andrews is a magical troubleshooter assigned to protect Shona from an unseen enemy. Shona is unaware that magic actually exists and Logan is under orders not to tell her, but it isn't long before he finds his loyalty torn between his people and the passionate woman he is guarding.

He thought this would be a straightforward job, but Logan quickly realizes that in an edgy contest between magic and passion, love is destined to win.
I loved working with Logan and Shona. He's sweet and indulgent and just perfect for Shona. She's off balance and not just with the way she reacts to him. She's coming to grips with a lot of changes.

That's all I have today, sorry. We had another snow event last night, so I was up early. Again. It's been like every morning for the last two weeks. I'm tired and I still need to write.