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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Adventures In Hat Shopping

You'd think finding a winter hat in a neutral color wouldn't be that difficult. You'd be wrong. Or at least I couldn't find one when I started looking in December. Maybe I'm too picky, but I didn't want a knit cap that would smoosh down my hair and leave it full of static electricity when I pulled it off.

When it quickly became apparent that the stores were sold out, I tried online shopping. I found a couple that were okay, but when I tried to order them, they were all out of stock. I kept searching and coming up empty.

I thought I'd finally hit the jackpot when I found a hat seller on eBay. Okay, so they were located in Asia, the hat was cheap, the shipping wasn't outrageous, and it was cute. I ordered it and waited impatiently for it to arrive. It finally came folded up in an envelope that left permanent creases in it. I decided those would work their way out eventually and it really was cute. I tried it on and discovered it was tight, but the big problem was that it didn't go down over my ears. Since I didn't want to wear an earmuff in addition to a hat, this wasn't going to work.

I continued to wear my old hat. This hat is wool and super cute, but the color clashes with my new jacket and it's a huge Glamour Don't to wear the two together. It's bad enough that one of my engineers noticed and commented on it. I resumed my hat search. Unsuccessfully.

Then I received an email from a shoe website I frequent. Hats!

Immediately, I clicked over. Most of what I saw was for men and I didn't like a lot of the rest, but there was one hat for women that was cute. Afraid that this, too, would be sold out in neutral colors, I clicked through and surprise, they had them! Wow, half price, in stock, neutral color and cute! Awesome. I placed my order.

My hat arrived yesterday. In a box so big that I couldn't figure out what was on my doorstep until I read the return address. I opened it and they had it packed with paper to help it keep its shape. Again, awesome. Not like the other hat that arrived all folded up. I unwrapped my new hat. My excitement diminished. I could see through the weave of the hat--that couldn't be warm.

I tried it on. It fit. It was cute. I could flip up the front brim. The only problem was that it sure didn't feel like a winter hat. I examined it more closely and discovered it's a summer hat! No wonder they had them in stock!

Now that it's March, I guess I'll give up the hat shopping. If it wasn't in stock in December, I'm sure not going to find a warm, cute winter hat now. I guess I'll have to hat shop in July if I want something neutral and non-smooshy. I just hate the idea of thinking about winter clothes in summer. There's something wrong with that.