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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sale News!

This week I sold another short story to Nocturne Bites! I really enjoy the short stories because they're just plain fun. The story is set in the same world as my May Bites, Demon Kissed, and the earlier story I wrote for The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2, Blood Feud.

The blurb I'm using for the story is: A vampire trapped in a hellish limbo has one hope to reclaim his life as the undead--the hunter who tried to kill him.

The heroine is Cass Lanier. She worked as a vampire hunter for 14 months, but quit when one of the vampires she was slaying opened his eyes as she was bringing down the stake. That freaked her out. Malachi James is the vampire who woke up. He's trapped in limbo--not undead or really dead. He needs her to pull the stake from his body to restore him to his former existence. No one else can do it. Problem is that she can't see or hear him and the group of vampire hunters she used to work for want her dead.

I don't have a release date yet or a title. I'll post both here when I know something.

Working on this story raised my question on how to keep track of world building notes again. I've got all the information dumped into one file, but it's tough to find anything this way. I'm thinking about moving all the notes over to OneNote and having a separate tab for each facet of the world. One for the vampires and their society, another for the demons, and others for the demon slayers and the vampire hunters. All the information would still be dumped under tabs, but at least I wouldn't have demon stuff mixed up with vampire facts.

Organizing myself is still a major issue. I've read how other authors do it and have tried some of their methods, but they don't really work for me. I definitely don't want massive three-ring binders filled with notes, but I haven't found a great way to arrange things on the computer. OneNote might be worth a try because I can have pictures as well as text and I do love images for inspiration. On the other hand, I hate to invest time in one more system that might not work for me. Maybe I'll give it a try. If it saves me from having to reread my stories and all my notes multiple times, it'll be worth it even if it doesn't work out as a long-term solution.