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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Social Networks

I'm on far too many social networks, but being signed up for them and actually using them are two different things. I have a very different level of participation.

Twitter - This is my favorite and where you're most likely to find me. I love chatting with people here and wish more of my followers would start conversations. Sometimes it takes me a while to answer, especially if I'm writing or at the day job, but I do reply most of the time. (There are occasions when I can't think of anything to say in return.) I especially enjoy saying good morning.

Facebook - I'm on here and check in a few times a day, but I mostly forget to comment back to stuff on my wall. I mean to, but it's just too easy to space it out. I also mostly forget to update my status (that's what Twitter is for!) despite having multiple ways to post to FB at the same time I post to Twitter.

MySpace - Has gone from very active to next to zero. I would delete my account if I still wasn't getting so many views on my blog over here. I wish MySpace, though, would let me feed in my blog the way that Amazon and Goodreads do because cutting and pasting gets old. Barring that, I wish they would let me preschedule posts the way WordPress and Blogger do. I don't use the feature that often, but there are definitely times it comes in handy.

Goodreads - I had good intentions here, but basically my blog just auto feeds in to the site. I think I would be more active if I could have uploaded the books I own to the site. (My fiction collection alone is 5000+.) But Goodreads wouldn't upload from my spreadsheet because I didn't record the ISBN numbers of the books and I don't have near enough time to even consider entering the titles individually.

Shelfari - I was active here very briefly. Now, I can't tell you the last time I visited. I should see if I can auto feed a blog in here, too. :-)

Library Thing - I joined this back before it was social. Big drawback here is the number of books you can list before you have to go to a paid account. I mostly forget to visit.

Bebo - I haven't visited here regularly since In the Midnight Hour was releasing back in what? 2007? I'm still shocked when I get friend requests or notices that someone has made me their top friend because of how long it's been since I was over there. This site is one from which I do need to delete myself. If I can ever remember to get over there.

Some Pages thing - I can't remember if it's Yahoo or Microsoft or if it's someone else all together, but you can tell how long it's been since I did anything with that site since I can't even remember who runs it or what the exact name of it is. If I didn't bookmark this site, there won't be anyway to even get over here to delete myself.