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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just Call Me Handy Andi

While my parents were still in Atlanta, my dad (with some help from me) assembled a night stand, a TV stand, and a coffee table. I didn't think I needed anything else. That soon proved to be a wrong assumption.

I had a chair next to the recliner that I put the phone on, the TV remote, my box of Puffs tissues, and assorted other things as the situation dictated. The top of the folding chair was far too small for everything I wanted at hand and there was much grumbling from me as I shifted things around. I finally admitted I needed an end table and it arrived today. Some assembly required.

This was my first time assembling anything on my own. I counted out my parts and ensured everything was present and accounted for. I checked the wood to make sure it was in good condition and then I began putting legs on the table.

The directions failed to mention I needed a Phillips screwdriver. They provided an Allen wrench and I thought that was all I needed. Luckily, my dad left some tools here or I would have had to run out and bought one today.

Other than that, things went relatively smoothly last night. Except for one thing. The end table wobbles. It's not too bad and it'll have to be good enough until my dad comes down again and can fix my assembly.