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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Blank Image

Last week I talked about my creative burst. I've kind of been doing some pre-book work on the stories, but I've run into something unusual--I don't know what one of my heroines looks like.

This usually doesn't happen to me. I might not know exactly what a character looks like at first, but I always have a general sense. Just not this time.

I know her career. I know her name. I know her age. I have a general idea of the storyline she and her hero will share. But I have no clue what her ethnicity is. I don't even know what color her hair is and really, this has never happened before. As soon as a character starts talking to me, I usually have some basic detail.

On Pinterest, someone posted a picture of a model that I thought might maybe sort of work, but when I checked her out, she didn't really click. The woman had blonde hair, so I thought maybe that was my heroine's hair color, but I'm not convinced this is true.

The two blonde models that caught my attention both had freckles. I thought about that for a while and decided yes, freckles, but the hair color is still in question.

I Googled for freckled women and none of the hair colors--and all of them were represented--screamed this color!

Things like this shouldn't bother me, especially on a story that's so far out in the future. They do, though. I like things settled and at least partially complete. The fact that this heroine is the only one I don't/can't see out of the 12 characters just makes it extra frustrating.