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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bang! Crash!

Most of my worldly goods have been up in Minnesota while I've been living in Atlanta for the past year and a half. I was finally reunited with them on Monday, July 22nd when the movers arrived at my new home in Georgia.

The reunion wasn't all that it should have been.

It started when the guys unloading the truck brought in my coffee table. It has two drawers and one of them had the front busted off. I could see it lying on the inside of the drawer itself.

Later, they brought in my old stereo console and announced they'd found it with the wheel busted off where the wood met the bottom. One of the guys Gorilla Glued it to the bottom and put in some wood screws.

But if I thought that was the worst I'd see, I was wrong. When it came time to put the bed together, my dad opened the box marked "Parts" to get out the hardware the movers would need and discovered a chair leg. As it turned out, the leg had been ripped off my sofa. My grandmother's sofa that's like 85 years old and had withstood years of rambunctious children and other insults.

As bad as I felt about the drawer and the stereo, they did not compare to the sick feeling I got when I saw this. It had to have been torn off in Minnesota because it had been sealed inside the parts box and that had been started and closed by the loaders.

How the hell do you rip the leg off someone's sofa? Seriously. Talk about a complete disregard for other people's stuff.

Later, I discovered a smudge on the back of one of my chairs, a nick in my pristine dining room table, and an odd stain (I think it's a stain) on the side of my dining room table. And I've barely begun to open boxes. I'm scared at what I'll find.

I have to say that I'm totally not impressed with the movers at this point, not with the damage and destruction they caused. At least the only thing I know that is missing is my step ladder. Hopefully, everything else made it, even if it wasn't in one piece.