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Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Favorite iPad Reading App

The following is my opinion, no company or product mentioned in this post gave me any kind of compensation and everything I talk about was either purchased by me for me or freely available to anyone and everyone.

Now that I'm reading on my iPad instead of on a dedicated eReader, I'm enjoying ebooks more. I know, the eInk is supposed to be just like reading a book, but I actually prefer a backlit screen. Maybe I've spent a few too many years working and reading on a computer.  The retina display on the iPad makes it easy for me to read for long stretches because of how clear the text is.

I'd been a Kindle user before this, starting with the K2 and moving to the Fire, and I continued using the Kindle app for a while before it dawned on me that I wasn't tied to one ebook seller any longer. With that big duh finally registering, I downloaded the Nook and Kobo apps as well.

I absolutely fell in love with Kobo's iPad app (free in the iTunes store). It was simple and intuitive for me to use and didn't leave me with the minor frustration that I felt with other apps. The most awesome part, though, is it moves books you've finished reading to another tab, letting you only look at books you've yet to finish. ::LOVE:: It also has a section for books I've started to read, but have yet to finish, and (of course) the screen where it shows all your books—read and unread, finished and unfinished.

The icing on the cake is the fun aspects of the app. If the reader allows it, the app will show you who else is reading the same book you are. There's also an option to share on Facebook and (I believe) to discuss the book with other readers. I opted for privacy, so I'm not hooked up to my FB account nor am I sharing what I'm reading.

The other fun thing is the badges. The Kobo reader gives you awards when you hit certain milestones like finishing a book or reading for so many hours.

Kobo has an annoying problem, though. Well, two actually. The first one is that the ebooks have to be purchased one at a time. There is no way to buy multiple books at the same time.

The second annoyance is a big one. Kobo will NOT allow you to return any book, even if you bought it minutes earlier. Amazon lets you return Kindle books, and when I accidentally bought a book there, I was able to return it without any problems. Kobo could learn from this.

Despite this, I'm buying more and more books from Kobo because their app is so simple and elegant. Besides, sometimes I get sale coupons.