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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Massive Fail

Yesterday I saw a quiz on my Facebook timeline. Can We Guess Who You Are In Only 20 Questions? It sounded intriguing, so I did the quiz. According to this, I am a 30-year-old male who's recently become a father.

Massive fail.

As I discussed this on Twitter, a couple of us found the quiz questions problematic. The ones that I found particularly bothersome was how long do you spend getting ready? And how many times do you cook per week?

I retook it and changed my answers to the three questions I found most sexist. I figured if I switched my choices and this time it guessed I was female, I'd have my smoking gun so to speak.

This didn't happen. In the quiz's favor, this go-round made me a teenage male. Still a massive fail, but at least these three questions alone weren't the determining factors.

The quiz invited people to post how accurate it was in the comments. I wanted to check them out so I could talk about it here, but I can't find any comments. It might be my computer. I have it personalized far past what most people do to their systems and I might have a setting that blocks me from seeing comments.

I also saw on Facebook from a different friend that it was a massive fail for her as well. So far I know one person who found it accurate and three of us going, huh?