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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Clutter Slays Me

Recently, I was up in Minnesota to help my dad clean out his house so he can move to Georgia with me. What a tedious and horrible job that is! If you're someone who keeps a lot of things, please consider culling your house out now. Don't leave it for your family to handle for you.

When I moved to Atlanta four years ago, the idea was that my parents would move with me. Only they could not get rid of stuff. As many times as I went up there to help, nothing was accomplished.

Now things have changed and there's no more dallying allowed. My dad was cooperative about getting rid of things, but there was so much of it. So much! We made at least 5 trips to a local charity with my car packed to the gills with stuff. We threw out a ton of paper, literally filling the gigantic recycle bin and even driving over to the recycling center with more. And despite this, you'd never know anything had left the house. That's how full of stuff it was (and still is).

After three weeks of hell, my vacation was over and I had to return home. The clean out did not get finished. We didn't even finish the upstairs let alone touch the basement and there's still the two garages. Gah!

Although it's not optimal, my dad is going to handle the rest. Hopefully, he can get it down without my needing to make another trip up north, but I don't know how he'll manage.

One thing it this experience inspired? I'm ready to get rid of stuff in my house even though I'm not a clutter bug.