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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Withdrawal Symptoms

Email is down this morning. I can't stand not being able to download email or even access webmail. They do this now and then, take the system down for maintenance and it always seems to be during the time I'm drinking coffee and wanting to check email. I don't enjoy this deprivation at all.

Yesterday, I received an email from someone telling me they were enjoying Crimson Veil, my first for this book. And better yet, she's a reporter and she wants to interview me. :-) It's for a local paper out in St. Paul, but she does a roundup of the best of the best on books by MN authors, and it's way cool that she wants to include me!

I can't seem to get enough sleep right now. I'm sure it has something to do with the busy weekend I just had and that I wasn't able to get caught up like I usually do. I know I push myself during the week to function on very little sleep, but I always sleep like 10+ hours on the weekends, and am ready to roll. I keep going to bed earlier and earlier, and I'm still feeling beyond exhausted. Yesterday, though, ended my week of running, and that will help. I still have too many items on the To Do List and too many things looming off in the distance to take care of. Sometimes I wonder how I manage to squeeze anything in with my schedule. Gah!

To Do List Items Completed: 1
MN Weather Report: 63 degrees