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Monday, October 24, 2005

11 Pages

I did 11 pages yesterday before my brain shut down. The problem is that I went off on an unexpected tangent. Alex was supposed to woo Stacey. Of course, that isn't quite what happened. Don't know if what did happen works or if I'm going to have to delete 6 pages and start over.

The cough is better. Of course, better is relative. I'm still hacking pretty good, it's just not as long and as deep as it was over the weekend. I count this as a good thing.

In the Be Careful What You Wish For column, I finally got a third review on Amazon. Which managed to irritate me because she dinged me for having too much romance (GASP) in a book clearly labeled ROMANCE on the spine. Let me find a wall to bang my head against. That's like buying a mystery and then complaining because the characters spend too much time trying to figure out who the murderer is. Please.