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Sunday, October 23, 2005


Despite the charming hacking sounds that bronchitis brings, I managed to write yesterday. I finished one scene and wrote two others, which finished a chapter and started a new one. Hurrah! My goal for the day is to finish this new chapter. Unfortunately, it's a scene where Alex has to work on wooing Stacey. Alex is clueless on this wooing thing and he's not talking to me about what his plans are. My only option is to put him on the spot and hope he comes through for me.

I watched part of the World Series last night. It was a lesser of two evils thing, since I like neither Houston nor the White Sox. Between being a Twins fan and a Cubs fan, the White Sox are really not in favor here, so it was easy to figure out who to root against. :-) Hopefully, Houston will win tonight and even up the series.

I finished this post a while ago, but Blogger isn't letting me post. :-(