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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Surprise "Gifts"

I'd hoped to have a nice, deadline-free holiday this year. I've only had one Christmas where I haven't been stressed trying to meet a deadline since I sold my first book, and I'd hoped this would be number two. It was looking really good, too. Until yesterday.

I was driving up my street, and as I neared my house, I glanced over at the front door. I wasn't expecting anything, but it's a habit. That's when I saw it--the envelope! Naively, I thought it might be cover flats and I was all excited about that because Tor didn't send me many on my first book with them. I didn't waste any time getting to the front door and retrieving my envelope.

It was from Tor. So far so good. And it felt nice and soft--just like cover flats. I opened the package all excited to see the cover for In Twilight's Shadow in person, and what do I find? Galleys!

Galleys mean work. Galleys mean deadlines. I checked the cover letter. Yep, deadline. Guess the date? Due back at the publisher on Jan 2. That means right up until New Year's Eve, I'll be proofreading the test run from the printer. :-(

I still have a mountain of homework for my online class, holiday stuff which I'm so totally behind on, it's not funny, and now this. I'm putting my mom to work again. :-)