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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Electronic Hell

This past five weeks have been hell on my electronics/computers. It seems like if something can go wrong, it has. I'm not used to this!

It started with my iMac crashing in mid-August. The night before it was fine, but I went in the next morning--coffee cup in my hand--and it was sitting there, doing nothing. Googling turned up a variety of solutions, none of which worked. My last-ditch attempt was erasing the hard drive and reinstalling the Operating System (OS). If this didn't work, it was going to have to go to a shop.

The reinstall did get the Mac running again, but now I have weird problems. Like Safari 5 won't bookmark any web pages for me no matter what I do. The answers I found online didn't solve the issue. I also can't access my Audible audio books because iTunes insists my computer isn't authorized even though it clearly says it is. My solution of deauthorizing and reauthorizing the Mac didn't work because no matter how many times I deauthorize, it stays authorized. I see another erase/reinstall in my future.

My Roku player which is supposed to live stream things like Netflix quit working in the middle of a movie. It was annoying anyway, all the buffering it was doing despite the fact I can live stream on my Wii seamlessly. I haven't been able to get it started since then. Roku's brilliant idea for fixing it? Recycling the cable modem and the router. Really? You think the problem is there when I can still access everything on my laptops? I don't think so. Situation still unresolved.

Then my Wii balance board started to cut out on me. It would just stop working. At this point, I'm like WTH now? After days of this and wondering why this thing was breaking, too, I finally received a message to put in new batteries. Oops. ::blush:: I forgot the thing had batteries. This I managed to fix. Once I turned the battery around that I'd put in the wrong way. I do this all the time with batteries even when it's clearly marked. I don't know why.

The weirdness doesn't stop here. Tuesday night, I'm online in Firefox and everything was fine one minute. The next, none of my websites were rendering correctly. A reboot didn't fix anything. I checked Firefox and Flash and both were up-to-date. A reinstall didn't help. Vaio had done some updates earlier that evening so I system restored to before then. Still the sites didn't show up correctly (if they pulled up at all). Everything rendered correctly in Chrome.

I logged in again Wednesday night without doing anything more to my laptop and now all but three sites are pulling up the way they should. WTH? I don't get it.

Y'all don't even want to know how much time these issues have taken up. ::sigh:: I was blaming this all on Mercury retrograde, but that's over with, so the Firefox issue can't be laid at its door. All I can do now is look around and wonder what next?