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Thursday, March 14, 2013

At Random

Kind of in keeping with the education/learning theme from Tuesday, that audio book I'm listening to that mentioned brain acuity had a great suggestion. Set up a random Wikipedia page as your browser home page. This way every time you open the browser, you have a chance to read something new.

The link to do that is:

I'm going to try this out. It's actually an intriguing idea since I'll never know what's going to turn up and it's an opportunity to expand my horizons in directions I wouldn't think interesting. When I stretch, I usually do end up learning something interesting.

Like the time I was flipping through the stations on television and ran into the show about container shipping. I never expected to actually watch the full hour. What could be more boring than watching a program about shipping goods around the world?

It was riveting. I learned things I'd never considered. I'm hoping for the same thing with the random Wikipedia page. And who knows? Maybe it will percolate itself into an idea some day.