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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Suggested For You

Google has this feature in its News section called Suggested for You. I guess they get it from things you searched for on regular Google. I can't think how else they do it.

Today's section of suggestions included an article about Geico. I was all like WTF? I've never searched for Geico, but then I remembered that yes, I did. When I was blogging about the commercial with the spy and his mom calling him, I did Google them.

There are some really odd suggestions at times, but then I do searches for a lot of off beat things. What I don't think the good folks at Google realize is that just because a person does one search on a topic, that doesn't necessarily mean they have any interest in ever seeing anything about it again. Put me squarely in that category. I mean really, just because I Googled about a television commercial that I liked, doesn't mean I have any interest in the company itself.

I get a lot of suggestions on things I looked at once and have zero interest in after that. Sometimes the suggestion seems to have no relationship to anything I ever searched for, but I'm assuming that's because I searched so long ago that I've forgotten about it. Either that or Google has decided to just throw random stuff at me and see if I care.

I usually click the not interested option.