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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Review: Inside Out

Inside out is a movie from Disney's Pixar Studios. The story revolves around an 11-year-old girl, Riley, who moves from Minnesota to San Fransisco with her parents. But the main characters are Riley's emotions: Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger, and Fear.

Her different emotions try to help her cope with the move, but then the unthinkable happens--Joy and Sadness have an accident that tosses them into long-term memory. They have to get back to headquarters before Riley loses all the islands that make up who she is, but they're met with setback no matter what they try.

The movie is geared for kids, but Inside Out captured my imagination and I enjoyed it. The movie was clever and it managed to be meaningful too. Joy had to learn that Sadness is part of life, too, and that no one can be happy all the time.

I'll admit it. The ending had me in tears. It sealed the deal for me and I'm giving the movie a highly recommend. 4.5 stars.

****I received no compensation for this review. The movie was part of a channel I subscribe to via my cable package and I saw it there.****