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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Old Game Shows

While I was up in Minnesota, helping my Dad clean out the house, I discovered a channel called Buzzr which showed old game shows. I think it might be a local Minneapolis channel, but I can’t swear to that because I only saw the local info flash once. So while I was going through boxes, I got to watch cool shows like Match Game, Tattletales, Password, and the original Family Feud with Richard Dawson.

Game shows were so much more fun back in the 1970s than they’ve been in the past twenty years. The hosts had personalities and were actually funny! The celebrity guests were fun and quipping with each other and the contestants. And the dollar amounts won were ridiculously low. :-) Yes, I do realize that inflation has changed the value of money in the past 40 years, but it was still pretty amazing to watch people get all excited over winning $500.

Then there were the hair styles and the clothes. OMG! Ugly! So many Farrah Fawcett circa Charlie’s Angels haircuts. And I’m sorry, but the clothes were all hideous. Fashion went through its own Dark Ages in the 70s.

 I was actually kind of surprised by how much fun the celebrities were on these shows. Match Game where they’re quipping with each other and the contestants. Super Password where they’re trying so hard to win that money for their contestant partner. It was a kick and it made me miss this particular aspect of recent game shows.

The other celebrity thing was I didn’t know who so many of them were! Alejandro Ray? Bobby Van? Joyce Bulifant? I’m not even sure I’ve spelled their names correctly because all I could say was who?

But wow, these shows are so much more fun than any game show we’ve had in the past twenty years—maybe even longer than that. Not that these shows were perfect by any means. They were of their time and that means racism, sexism, and homophobia were obvious. I’ll talk more about the sexism in my next blog post.