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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Old, Old Story Ideas

Scanning continues. I scanned through a drawer full of story ideas. All written on notebook paper. Most of the ideas are lame beyond belief, but I was pretty young when I jotted them down. A couple of them, though, are still somewhat intriguing and I might mull them over to see if I can do something with them with modifications (of course).

Right now, though, I've started to scan ideas that I've actually done some writing on. Most only have a few pages or maybe a chapter, but some have more. I have one folder sitting in the to-be-scanned pile that probably has a third of the book written.

Despite the fact that I'm anxious to reach it and 1) discover what genre it is and 2) discover if it interests me enough to rewrite and use, I'm determined to go in order. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I'm scared that what's in that file folder will be an embarrassment and I'll have to bury it deep, deep, deep into my hard drive. :-)

Waiting in the wings are stories that are like three-quarters written. I have those in three-ring binders and I'm really not looking forward to scanning those. First, it'll take forever because there are so many pages and second, I'm not sure my hard drive will hold it all. My laptop is more than six years old and has the hard drive size that goes with that kind of age. These stories are probably unsalvageable without a complete rewrite and I'm pretty sure that none of them intrigue me enough to do that. I look at them as learning experiences.