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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Buried Treasures

I wrote this post while I was up in Minnesota, helping my dad go through his house.

As I write this, my dad and I have already made three trips to a charity to donate things. Three trips with my car packed full—not only the way back, but also the back seat. Most of what we’ve come across hasn’t been anything I’ve been interested in, but I’ve also discovered some treasures.

The most exciting find was old cards. Cards from when I was adopted, cards from my first birthday, cards for other important events. Just priceless!

I don’t keep cards so no one is going to find anything like this in my house. Sorta sad, but clutter.

We’ve also found some pictures, although nothing that’s blown my socks off yet, but it’s been fun to see photos of when my mom and dad were younger and when I was little. We’ve also come across pictures of people neither my dad nor I recognized and that was kind of sad. We had a 8x10 photo of a couple with a baby and my dad could only come up with the guess that one of them was some sort of cousin to my mom. That’s sad.

I also found a couple of super cool purses my mom used to carry. I guess this was back before she got into the boring mom purses that I remember. She also put aside a few dresses that she told my dad she wanted me to have.

Mostly, though, sorting through the house has been hard work. My parents honestly threw nothing away and my dad and I are paying the price for it now. Big time. And even though I threw out a ton of stuff a few years ago before I moved to Atlanta, it still makes me want to sort through my stuff and get rid of more because wow.