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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

And I'm Still Not Happy

I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing about my planner issues by now. I'll try to make this my final post about it...for a while at least. At least I've found a Facebook group that's even more obsessive about their planners than I am. They're sort of a bad influence on me, but I really needed new pens and stickers. ::innocent face::

Anyway, my new planner that I mentioned last Thursday has arrived and while there are many awesome qualities about it, there's one thing I'm totally not digging. There's no weekly view.

I've always had weekly views. I flip my planner page and I can see everything awaiting me in the upcoming week. This planner only lets me see two days at a time, sometimes 3 if one of those pages is the weekend because Saturday and Sunday share a page. This is going to be a huge challenge for me and one I'm scared I'll fail, leading to missed appointments, etc. I'm trying to mark things on the monthly view and the day it occurs, but I can't remember a month at a time and I never page backward, so I doubt I'd look at the month view a second time.

The other thing I didn't love was that the planner had typos. Several of them and they were glaring. Considering the cost of the thing, it should have been sent out to be professionally proofread.

But there are pluses. It has a hydration tracker built in on each day, as well as an exercise tracker and a vitamin tracker (or medication, I guess). It has a weekly and monthly grocery list feature, which might be good. I wouldn't take the planner shopping, but it might be a good place to jot down items as I think of them so I don't forget.

There's a nice To Do list for each day. I'm a huge fan of To Do lists. It also has sections for Goals, Projects, Personal Finances and Business Finances, and Notes before it gets into the monthlies. Each month has a health check, mini-health goals, cards/gifts, a monthly goals area and a section called "shoulda-woulda-coulda" which I think is where you carry over what you didn't get done in the previous month. The ambiguity is okay because it means a person can use it for whatever it means to them.

So the planner would totally be awesome, and is in so many ways, except I want my weekly view! I honestly didn't realize how much I would miss it until I started filling in the planner.

And before I finish this post (because I promised to lay off the planner talk for a while), I also spent way too much money on stickers for the planner and I bought new pens. It never occurred to me to use stickers before in a planner, but it sure makes things easier. And prettier.