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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Journal Books Arrive

My blank books arrived for my bullet journal. Because I couldn't get the dotted one that I wanted, I bought one with squares and one that was completely blank. I love the colors! I also like the elastic band holding it closed and the two ribbons. One is a plain pink and the other is stripes--pink and gray.

Here is the squared one open.

And a close up of the squares so you can see how dark the boxes are.

In this picture, you can see that the books have little page numbers on the bottom. Definitely a huge selling point. There's also a table of contents in the front of the book so I can record what is on which page number.

This is a picture of my current planner. It has a lot of cool features, but I never took the time to use them or learn how to use them and it's basically a glorified To Do list.

Of course, I immediately began to setup my bullet journal after getting my books. I'd read what good quality paper the books had with very little bleed through from pens, so I used my fine point Sharpies to draw the lines for my future log and label the boxes. Big mistake. There most definitely was bleed through/ghosting and it made me unhappy because it looks messy.

Next, I setup a page as a key for the symbols I planned to use. I stayed pretty true to the ones the suggested by the Bullet Journal guy on the website. Since you can do the Bullet Journal on any notebook you own, I'm not going to add a disclaimer here about not getting any consideration from Bullet Journal for discussing it here. I'm not. I'm not using a Bullet Journal notebook, but one I bought on my own, and I'm only using his system, which is available for free on the website.

I also added a few sections I knew I'd want like Goals, To Do list for the week, Music to Buy, Books to Buy, etc. Sadly, my artistic talent is completely lacking and I'm disappointed in the appearance of my bullet journal. Some people have such beautiful journals that it must make using them a joyful experience. Mine? Not so much.

After a few days of using my bullet journal, I can say that I'm not hugely thrilled with it. Part of it is the appearance, but a lot of it is the setup of the journal. I have some ideas to make it better. I'm going to try creating a monthly To Do list and a weekly list for the chore-type items you see in the last picture. I'm going to try to give the book six months and see if I can't grow to love it, but I'll confess that I'm already checking out another planner that I really like in case this bullet journal system doesn't improve for me.

More to come.