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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Small Pleasures

It's kind of ridiculous the things that can make me happy. Case in point: I drive one of those car/SUV crossover vehicles and I have a wide open back area instead of a trunk. When I'd drive with groceries in the back, my milk would fall over and my cantaloupes, jars, and cans would roll. Thunk one direction. Thunk the other direction. Gah!

Eventually, I remembered to order one of those trunk organizers. It worked wonderfully! The only problem? I couldn't fit all my groceries in it. I'd make sure I'd get the melons, fruit, and milk in there, but my cans and jars were still rolling all over the back. Today, I ordered another organizer.

This makes me deliriously happy! See what I mean about small pleasures?

I think my household organizers fall into this category, too. I love the baskets and bins! I even ordered a canister for my onions and admire it when I walk into the kitchen. Isn't it nice, I think, not to have onions on my counter?

Sometimes I think it's kind of sad to be this excited about mundane stuff, but then I think that life is much happier if you can enjoy the small things, so this is a positive, not a negative. :-)