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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Name Hijinks Continues

My name issues continue. Once the heroine changed her name, her hero was like, this isn't my name either. This is unusual for me because they generally don't let up on me until I do have their names right. I've spent more than a few late nights searching because I hadn't hit on the correct moniker yet. So it was back to the name sites again.

With the first name picked, he decided he wanted the surname that the hero from the second story had. Sigh. Last names are a lot more fluid for me. It's rare for a character to protest any last name I might tag them with, so it wasn't a big deal to give hero 2 a new one.

Problem solved.

Until the next day when I start thinking about the series arc on the van ride to work and realized that hero 1 has a name far too similar to heroine 2. Close enough in sound that it would be horrible when the two of them were on the page together and since the heroine from the second story works for the hero in the first book, they would be on the page together.

Now I have to convince hero 1 that he has to change his name. Heroine 2 was the first of the characters from the three books to have a name and she didn't make me search at all. She told me. That means her name was non-negotiable.

Hero 1 resisted--like I expected. I started looking at names anyway because he had to change it. Luckily, I finally found one that he was willing to accept as his.

But then the last name that he'd appropriated suddenly became wrong again. Argh! So back to searching for surnames. I found one that had potential and hero 2 spoke up and grabbed it. ::sigh:: I searched some more and then I found it. And hero 1 agreed it was perfect. Whew! I think (hope!) that I finally have all the names in place for this three book series idea.

I tell you, I'm simply not used to this much changing and turmoil. What heroine 2 did is much more typical for me. She said: here's my name. Done. I hope next story idea has that kind of easiness again.