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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Smart Phone Zink Printer

***I received NO compensation of any kind for this post.***

I'm on a Facebook group for people who use planners. I joined it after I tried to Bullet Journal and it's a fun place to hang out, but a little bit expensive because the others find the coolest stuff. One of the awesome finds was the Polaroid Zink printer. It basically hooks via Bluetooth to your smart phone and prints photos on special paper. The paper is 2 inches by 3 inches, and once you peel off the back, is adhesive. Yes, your own sticker!

Here's what it looks like. I took a picture of it on top of my Bullet Journal so you can see how small it is.

As you can imagine, it fits really well on a lot of different planners--not so much mine, but my current planner is a daily instead of a weekly. But if you're someone who keeps their planner as a diary/memory book, it's a nice way to keep a memory.

So a lot of the women in this FB group bought this printer when it was on sale, but I didn't. I really don't need it, I told myself and valiantly resisted buying it.

And then all the others received their printers and started using them in cool ways and I totally regretted not buying one. Sadly, they were back to full price, which was $50 more than what they'd been and there was no way I was paying that much more for the device. Then I found a return from that big sale and the price was good. I hurried up and bought it.

My plan is to take a picture of each pair of my shoes, print them out, and put the photo sticker on each shoe box so that I know which shoes are in there. Once upon a time, I used to have this information memorized, but I don't anymore and I waste a lot of time looking for a particular pair of shoes. Or I forget I have a pair of shoes until I'm looking for something else completely and then I'm like, hell, I could have been wearing those!

I think this will be a super cool idea and I can't wait to finish it so I can see if I'm right about that. And I'm sure that after this I'll find another use for the printer. Maybe I'll try to do pictures in my planner even if it doesn't fit as well as on a weekly planner.

I have printed out a few pictures on the new printer and the color is a little off even after editing the images. For example, my hot pink tennis shoes look like a muddy reddish color. I did print out one old black and white photo my dad found and that came out really well, but I'm not printing my shoe pictures in gray scale!

Despite this, I'm happy with my purchase overall, which is the important thing.

***I received NO compensation for this post. I bought my Zink printer as an open-box return.***