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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

2017 Planner Frenzy

***Again, no compensation was given to me for anything written here and I have the credit card bills to prove it. My opinions are my own.***

Okay, maybe not quite a frenzy, but choosing a planner for 2017 was difficult. But Patti, you're thinking, your Start Planner goes through June 2017 and you just blogged last week about how much you like it. Why are you shopping for a 2017 planner?

Good question! I do love my planner, but it's heavy. There's literally no way I'm willing to take it with me to work, so I leave it at home and then come up with things I need to write in it while I'm at work. I usually try to write these things on Post-it notes and transfer it to my planner later, but well, sometimes I think, I'll write that down later and then I totally forget. Also, little Post-its are defeating one of the reasons I wanted a planner to begin with.

So I ordered a new Start Planner for 2017. This one is called Fancy Pants and it comes in a 6-ring binder. It's designed to carry no more than three months of daily pages with you at a time, but all the monthly pages, so if I need to make a note for a particular day that isn't in my planner, I can still do that. They also sell inserts, so I picked up weekly pages as well.

My plan (no pun intended) is to use my big mid-year planner at home until it runs out and take my Fancy Pants planner with me everywhere I go. I know it means having things in two places which isn't optimal, but darn it, I paid for the other planner and I'm going to finish it! ;-)

As a side note, once I saw the add-in inserts, I started to think, hmmm, I bet I could create my own customized inserts and have everything I want.

This way lies madness! But I began researching how to create my own pages.

I don't have time to do this! Why am I reading on how to do it? I'm not a graphic designer and I'm not familiar with most graphic design programs. Nothing I can come up with is going to top what's out there, but when I see the prices people are charging on Etsy for downloads! that I have to print myself on my own paper and cut and punch myself, I want to at least try to make something.

Although, in all honesty, I probably don't need to make any other pages. The weekly and the daily pages, plus the rest of the sections that come with the Start Planner should be more than enough for me, but I keep thinking that I want the ULTIMATE planner, perfectly customized to me. :-)

I will post a review of my Fancy Pants planner closer to 2017 and try to take a few pictures, too. I'm hoping the binder cover color matches what was on my screen, but it was so gorgeous!

***I received no compensation for this post and it's a PITA that I have to post this every time I want to talk about something I like because no one has ever offered me anything to talk about anything, but there you go. All opinions are my own and I've purchased everything at full price that I've talked about here today.***