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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What Happened, YouTube?

Once, not all that long ago, YouTube's weekly emails with links to videos I might be interested in was extremely accurate. It included new videos from channels I've subscribed to and videos from other channels that were similar in nature. It was awesome and I would save these emails until I had time to click through on the many links that sounded interesting to me.

Then something changed. I don't know what or how, but now my emails from YouTube and pretty much scan and delete. It now only highlights three videos from channels that I've subscribed to and the choices are...interesting. You'd think the fact that I never click through any longer might improve the algorithm, but nothing has changed. And just to make it ever less exciting, they sometimes repeat the same video two weeks in a row. What? Do you think I missed it the first time?

These highlighted videos, BTW, are not from channels where I watch a lot of what they make and would love to know when they have something new out. No, these are from channels I rarely watch because they only occasionally have content that interests me. YouTube doesn't care.

It used to be easy to find content for my Sunday videos, but no more thanks to the changes YouTube made to their newsletter. Woo hoo. ::heavy sarcasm::