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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Word of the Year

There are a number of planners and goal-setting books that suggest picking a word or short phrase as your theme for the year. I was a little skeptical of this idea, but decided to think about it anyway. After all, it wouldn't hurt anything.

2016 was a horrible year, one that left me feeling overwhelmed and worn out. I think my word for last year was probably something like ENDURE, although I never really thought about it.

But 2017 was a new year and I gave the word/phrase thing some consideration.  My first thought was to go with the word PERSEVERE. Like just continue slogging through all the muck and eventually get to the other side of the fire swamp. That one stuck with me for three or four days and I was feeling confident that was my word.

And then there was a goal-setting webinar someone posted about on Facebook and I attended. One of the exercises was to pick a word or phrase for 2017. :-) Yeah, sometimes fate is just telling you to do something. I'd never heard of this idea before and suddenly everywhere I turn, this is popping up.

As I worked through the exercise in the webinar, though, I decided my word wasn't persevere like I thought it was. My word was actually TRANSFORMATION.

I'm not sure exactly why this is my word or what it means yet, but I'm going with it. It seems like a really good word.