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Thursday, February 02, 2017

It's Starting to Look Like Something

My crochet lessons are finally starting to produce work that looks like it could be something. Eventually. :-) We started out by chaining stitches forever and I was getting bored (even though I freely admit I needed the practice), but then we started making swatches!

Double Crochet:

Single Crochet:

Half Double Crochet:

Little squares of crochet might not look like that much, but I think of them as the beginning to a scarf. Just like a billion more rows and I can keep my neck warm. Although I'm in Atlanta and I never even wore a scarf in Minnesota unless it was below zero and it just doesn't get that cold in Georgia. So, yeah, probably not going to make a scarf.

There is a pattern for a little basket I'd like to make. It's labeled as a beginner pattern, which I need, and I could use it to keep my car keys corralled. I just have to master the lesson about crocheting in the round and that is proving to be tricky. I foresee much practice ahead.