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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

First Finished Crochet Project

I'm posting this a bit after the fact, but I finished an actual crochet project. My first ever. It was a granny square throw and not the basket (which was a fail) or the place mat I thought would be quick and easy (it wasn't).

I didn't think I was going to make this throw even though it was the class project for my beginners crochet class. Granny squares are so, well, dated, but the blanket looked so cute in the class materials that I thought, well, okay, why not. I bought the yarn and I started doing the granny thing and it crocheted up fast. Yea!

There were a couple of small glitches, like not being able to get one of the yarn colors. Raspberry was out of stock at the store I ordered it from, so I went with fig instead. I ended up really liking the fig, so this wasn't a fail. That came later.

Okay, so it really wasn't a fail fail. Beginning crocheters tend to make their stitches too tight and I am definitely guilty of that. My throw ended up being 10 inches short, which necessitated an emergency run for more yarn so that I could add enough rows to reach the necessary size. Despite this, I think it turned out pretty cool and it has another selling point in addition to the fact that I made it. It's warm. Super warm. I had it on my lap to crochet it and it was so warm, I'd be sweating.

Here's a couple of pictures of my first completed project: