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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Project Update

I finished my first knitted scarf. Mostly. I still have to block it, but that's it. My seaming didn't go real well and I couldn't undo it and redo without wrecking stuff, so I decided to call it a learning experience. There's a few other imperfections, but overall, I'm pleased with it.

And I participated in a Marly Bird Knit-A-Long that started at the beginning of May. The reason I decided to join is that Marly did videos for each section of the shawl walking people through how to do everything that the pattern called for. As someone brand new to knitting, this was a huge help. I learned so much from doing this and I'm so glad I participated.

This is section one. I think I ripped it out and started over at least a dozen times. Maybe more than that. It was frustrating, but I learned how to do the garter tab start to the shawl by the time I got the entire thing right.

This is part two of the shawl. The lace was so hard for me and I must have ripped this section out half a dozen times until I put lifelines between every section of lace so I wouldn't have to start all the way over if I messed up.

This is the third section. The color in the picture is off. The most accurate color is the second picture because the yarn is an aqua/turquoise and very pretty. I had trouble with the lace again and the row after it. Those two rows were ripped out many times, but I only had to start section three itself over once.

And here is the finished shawl! It still needs to be blocked, which in this case means spraying it with water and pinning it on a foam mat, but otherwise it's done. Yea!