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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Review: The Bold Type

I've only watched one episode of this TV show, The Bold Type, so maybe I should wait and review it after I've seen the rest of them. There is one more available On Demand, so it would give me a better idea if the series holds up, but what the hell? I'm going to talk about it now anyway.

The series follows three young women who work for the fictional Scarlet magazine and who became best friends there. Jane has just been promoted to a writer position, Kat is the social media manager, and Sutton appears to be an admin. (Scarlet magazine is Cosmo and the woman who runs Scarlet is supposed to be based on a real person at Cosmo.)

In episode one, Jane is trying to pitch ideas for stories to the woman in charge of the magazine. Her boss, though, isn't impressed with any of her safe ideas. Jane accidentally pitches how to stalk an ex who isn't on social media and has to track down her own ex-boyfriend who broke up with her in the middle of a train terminal.

The magazine had an article about an artist that was supposed to run, but the woman withdrew her permission. This sends Kat on a mission to change the artist's mind. And Sutton is having an affair with one of the male executives involved with the magazine and she's hiding it from her friends.

As I said above, I only watched the pilot episode and it really takes a few weeks worth of shows to discover if a premise is going to hold up (or get better) or not. I was impressed with episode one. Kat and Jane are both fully formed characters and I was rooting for them to succeed. Sutton was less fleshed out, but I'm hoping that changes as the show goes forward. The boss was also an interesting character and her relationship with the three main women promises to be intriguing. She appears to be part mentor and part mother pushing her birds out of their safe nests.

I'm very picky about my entertainment, especially television, but I thoroughly enjoyed the show and really had no big complaints. I definitely enjoyed it enough to continue watching it.

Final verdict: Recommended with the caveat that I've only seen the pilot episode.

Edited to add: I watched the second episode after writing this. It was even better than the first episode and Sutton's character has had some backstory revealed. Yea! Episode 3 airs tonight. Definitely recommended!