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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Great Shoe Search

I think I've blogged before about when I find shoes I really like, I try to buy a second pair right away as a backup. Shoes go so quickly and if you snooze, you lose. I missed getting a backup pair for a style I like to wear to work. Boo. And now I have an athletic shoe problem. My super comfortable running shoes that I love to pieces have been discontinued! Gasp!

It's not like a new version came out, I mean they totally don't sell this style anymore at all. For those interested, it's Skechers Go Meb Strada 2. (I was definitely not compensated in anyway for this post or this mention!) I bought them in this super cool pink color and fell in love with them. Problem was I didn't start wearing them right away after I received them because I had another pair of running shoes that arrived around the same time and they were bright, in-your-face pink--my favorite color. Then, by the time I realized I wanted a backup pair, my size in the pink was gone. Sadness.

Some searching turned up a pair in navy in my size and there were 2 left in stock. I planned to buy both of them, but didn't get around to it for a week or so. By the time I did get around to ordering, there was only one pair left. I got them, but now the shoe is no more.

This means I now have to find a replacement style. I've found a few I wanted to try. The first one was not a winner. They didn't have the same cushion as the Strada. With my knees, I'm all about the cush. :-)

Pair number two arrived today, and while I like them as fashion tennies, they are not shoes I feel as if I want to use for a 5K or anything. I have a third pair I want to try, but those are really expensive. Still, they have a high cushion factor, so at some point I'll suck it up and buy them.

Who ever would have thought that keeping up on my tennis shoes would be so hard? Not me, that's for sure. The quest continues.