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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

My TBK (To Be Knitted) Pile

I seem to collect knitting and crochet projects the same way I collect books. At least now I buy ebooks so I have no space issues to deal with, but it's a different story with my yarn stash. I was storing my yarn (and most of it is still there) in big, plastic zippered storage bags, but this created one huge problem for me. I'd buy yarn for a project I wanted to do in the future, but then I'd forget what I bought the yarn for.

The solution came with repurposed bags. My mom had bought bags in which to store her magazines. That's what they were designed for. When my dad and I cleaned out the house, we recycled all the magazines and brought the bags to Georgia. I don't collect magazines, but they were nice bags. And then one day, while dealing with my project dilemma, I had an epiphany.

Use the bags for my TBK projects!

And another view:

The clear plastic lets me see what's inside without opening the bag. I also printed out the pattern that goes with the yarn so that I don't forget what project the yarn belongs to. This bag has two projects in it, with both patterns stored with the various yarns.

This is working great and the bags stack fairly well even though they have soft stuff inside them. Now when I want to start a project, I can just go to the bag and grab everything without having to dig through the monster bags of yarn stashed in my closet. I just wish I'd thought of this before I forgot why the heck I'd bought some of the yarn I have.