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Thursday, September 07, 2017

What I Learned From Having a Smart Phone

About a year ago, I got my first smart phone. It was a company iPhone so that I could be reached when needed. Before this, I had my simple pay-as-you-go slider phone because the wireless companies were charging ridiculous amounts of money each month. I was too cheap to pay that kind of money for a phone.

Well, as it turns out, I love my iPhone. It's connected to my iPad and my MacBook and that rocks, too. I can answer texts on my laptop. With a full keyboard! I'm sorry, but I just don't have the patience to type on that tiny phone keyboard. I'm used to speed, not hunt and peck. :-)

I have found apps that I can't live without, and yeah, I had them on my iPad, but it's not half as convenient as the phone. There's Facebook, of course, and email, but I also have MLB At Bat and Michaels, Joann, and my Stand Up app to get me out of my chair when I've been sitting for too long. I can listen to music or podcast or audio books. I can check on my doctor appointments, see how much my health insurance covered, and ask my doctor a question. All from the phone.

Sadly, my work phone is the smallest about of memory Apple sold which I think is 16GB. I'm constantly struggling with space. For this reason and because this is a work phone, I don't have any ebooks loaded. Those stay on my iPad. I also only keep a few audio books on it.

Before my iPhone, I didn't get why people freaked when they forgot their cell phones. So what? Now? I understand it much better.

Bottom line? I learned that if my company ever decided I didn't need a cell phone and took it away from me, I'd be going out and getting my own plan because honestly it's life changing. Mostly in a positive way, although not completely. I think I'll save the challenges it creates for some later blog post, but OMG, I love the iPhone.