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Thursday, October 05, 2017

The Dilemma

I have a huge planner dilemma looming in front of me. I have a planner that is literally almost perfect for me in almost every way. Of course, I don't want to switch to another planner when this one is such a close fit for me, but I have a serious problem.

I like having the whole year together.

This planner company does over a spiral-bound planner for the  year, but it has a serious flaw--Saturday and Sunday share a page.

This doesn't work for me on any level. Saturday and Sunday are probably the two busiest days of my week and I totally need full pages for each day. In fact this is the reason why I switched to their 6 ring, A5 planner. It does have the full pages for the weekend days. But it fits in a binder that can't hold more than three months at a time, and because of other add-ons I put in, I can only have two months. I hate this.

Want to reference something that happened in February? Well, that means hunting down pages I've had to remove from my planner and store in an alternate binder. Grr.

So I'm wobbling back and forth right now, trying to make the best decision.

There is a third option, though. Buy the unpunched version of the planner pages for the binder system and take it somewhere to get three-hole punched. I have a nice, big, zippable binder that should hold the entire year. But it's not pretty at all. :-( I love my pretty blue binder. I also love full pages for Saturdays and Sundays. Dilemmas, dilemmas.