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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The New House

Last week I shared that I'd moved into a new house. I thought I'd share a little more about it. As I mentioned on Thursday, it was only built about 18 months ago. Long enough to have the bugs worked out, but new enough that I shouldn't have to deal with too many issues.

It's a little bigger than my former home and it's on a level lot which is really what we were looking for and what we needed the most. There were so many advantages to buying a home rather than building that it was an easy decision to make. No need to buy blinds, the woman I bought the house from had already put up a privacy fence, so I didn't have to worry about that, and she'd lived with the growing pains of a new house.

This is my new home. My former house was a true ranch and this is called a story and a half because I have a bedroom upstairs and a loft right next to it. Perfect for my books and my crafts!

The other nice thing about the upstairs is I can use it for storage without needing to clog up the main level bedrooms. Although my dad has done a really good job filling his room with too many things already! I'm hoping he prunes.

The new house isn't perfect, no house is, and I did lose some things that I had in my old home that I already miss. The biggest loss is the incredible master bedroom closet that I had. It was huge and had so many shelves! I was able to hang all my  clothes and had shelves for purses and hats.

I lost my incredible backyard space. I had this green and serene covered patio, and in the summer, I truly didn't know I had neighbors. Even in the fall and winter, I didn't see much of the houses behind mine. I loved that privacy and the serenity.

Other things I don't have here: a programmable thermostat, a generous-sized laundry room (my new one is tiny!), fantastically bright lighting in my living room, the four beautiful drawers I had in my bathroom vanity, and I miss my lofted ceiling in the bedroom and living room. Oh, yeah, I miss my brushed nickel hardware. I really hate the oiled bronze (it's far too traditional for this modern/contemporary girl).

I've fixed what I can. I had shelving added to the master bedroom closet here, but the closet is still much smaller than my old closet, and while I was able to get all my clothes in there, there isn't room to turn around. My other closet was nice and wide. I also lost the linen closet I had in my old bathroom. Technically, this one does have a linen closet, but it's inside my clothes closet. Who thought this was a good idea? Yes, I seriously loved my old home, and if it had been on a level lot, it would have been perfect.

But the new house has a lot of positives, too. Since I've already gone so long, I'll save it for another post. Oops!