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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Home Office Issues

I've had issues with my home office since I moved to Georgia. Actually, it might have started in Minnesota. I bought a desk when I moved into my new house up there that I hated from the first week I started using it. Everything else, though, was okay. And then I moved.

Sadly, I never actually put everything away in my office once I moved. Oh, I kept meaning to do it, but weeks slipped into months and then into years. And because the office was already a disaster, I just dumped more crap in there--mail, catalogs, magazines, receipts, etc. This made the problem grow bigger and bigger. I usually had a messy office in Minneapolis, but it never looked as bad as it did in Atlanta.

And then I moved. I meant to clean out the office before the day everything go hauled to the new house, but I didn't for a couple of reasons.

Now I have a new office in a new house with the same old issue--too much crap that needs to be sorted through and either scanned or thrown away. I did do one thing, though, that I feel good about. I donated the desk that I hated more and more every day! Yea! That necessitated a hunt for a new desk, one I could live with for a long time to come. This wasn't easy.

I started with Overstock and Wayfair and then went to Pottery Barn's website and continued in that vein for a while until I realized that every single desk I was seeing online so far was going to give me the same issues that I had with the desk that I donated. It was time to think outside the box.

The good news is that I did find a desk system that I think will work for me at the Container Store. The bad news is it's Elfa which costs the freaking moon. OMG! I wanted to do the supply closet and the desk, but the closet was almost as much as the desk and I was like, uh, yeah, no. I couldn't justify the expense. I'm actually having a hard time with the price of the desk, too, but I've decided that it's smarter to buy something that can work for me and not buy something cheap that 1) doesn't work well and 2) I dislike from day 1.

Because of the cost, I was waiting for the big Elfa sale which I heard happened after Christmas each year. This year it popped up in my email about four days before Christmas. I jumped on this and ordered my desk. Now I just have to wait. I'll post pictures once I have it installed.