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Tuesday, December 05, 2017

No Cable For You

I'm trying something new here. I've recorded what I wrote in this blog. Mostly. It's not exact. If you like it, head over to my Facebook page and let me know. If you don't like this, let me know that as well. If it doesn't work, I'm sorry and I don't know how to make it work. This is a test. :-)

Four and a half years ago when I moved into my former house, I waited too long to call Comcast and ended up not having television, internet or phone for two weeks. This time I was determined that I would call them early and arrange everything so that I didn't have a gap. My appointment was made for the afternoon of the day we moved.

Then came the phone call.

Two days before the move, the department that was sending the technician called to confirm. They had the wrong address. I corrected him. He said I'd have to call to a representative and that he'd have the one who made the appointment call me.

Hours later, she finally did. Comcast doesn't service my new address, she said. I said yes, you do. I can see the Comcast box in a yard three houses away. She put in a ticket and said she'd call me the next day.

No call, so I called them. While the packers were working.

I talked to a super nice guy, who said he needed to put in a different ticket than the one the lady put in the day before. He said he'd call me back the next day. I received no call, and since that was moving day and chaos reigned, I didn't call them on that Thursday.

Friday, I use my cell phone and call. The woman I talked to said I wasn't in Comcast's area, I was in Spectrum's area. I'm like, but I can see the Comcast box three houses away and she said that it works that way sometimes. At this point, I'm just like whatever, let me call Spectrum because I need internet and telephone and yes, television.

Spectrum said, "You're not in our area, you're in Comcast's area."

I call Comcast back. This guy I talk with actually checks the tickets that were put in on Tuesday and Wednesday. The report: I am in Comcast's area, but I'm more than 150 feet away from some box or module or something and therefore I can't have Comcast.

And so I ended up having to get DirecTV. The earliest appointment I could get for installation? Two weeks away. Yes, once again I moved and spent the next two weeks with no internet, television, or phone despite the fact that I did my level best to avoid this situation. But wait, it gets better.

One month after the move, two weeks after I'm installed with DirecTV and committed for two years, my dad notices they're digging holes out in the yard and in the yards of some neighbors. He goes out to ask them what's going on. The work is being done on behalf of Comcast--they're finally wiring phase two of the subdivision for cable.

I like to believe that I'm directly responsible for this, however, it won't benefit me until 2019 when I can go back to Comcast. And yes, at this point, I most definitely plan to go back to cable. While the picture on the TV is clearer with dish, that's about the only thing that I like better.