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Thursday, February 08, 2018

Flip or Flop x Many

HGTV has added more Flip or Flop shows to their lineup. As someone who loved, loved, loved the original (with Tarek and Christina in Southern California), I was eager to catch these new shows, too. Now that I've seen a few episodes from most of the new cities, I have some opinions.

I'll start by saying that the original is the best. The others aren't even playing in the same league.

My least favorite is Flip or Flop Las Vegas. I don't like the couple doing the flips, I don't care that he's some MMA fighter (I think it's MMA), and they had an episode with a condo where it went to the nth degree of tacky. They couldn't have made that place any gaudier and it was hideous. As me and my friends in high school used to say: TTFW! (TOO TACKY FOR WORDS!) If you want to see what this monstrosity looked like, search for Flip or Flop Vegas, Buyer's Remorse and see the bling barf for yourself.

I didn't care for Flip or Flop Atlanta either, although I had high hopes since this is where I live. This wasn't a style issue or not liking the couple. I thought both were fine. My problem was the houses they chose to flip were small and modest. I like huge makeovers like what Tarek and Christina do in California and this Flip or Flop didn't live up to it's parent program.

Of the derivatives, I like Flip or Flop Fort Worth the best. The couple doing the flips are fun to watch and I like the afters. The episodes I've seen have been worthy flips. :-)

I haven't seen Nashville or Chicago yet. TBH, I didn't realize there was a Nashville or Chicago until I started doing some research for this blog post. It appears, though, that Chicago has been renamed Chicago Flippers, which would take it out of the Flip or Flop family. There also seems to be another one coming: Flip or Flop Paradise which takes place in Paradise, CA which is up near Sacramento. Clearly, I can't keep up with all the spin offs HGTV is throwing out there.

Bottom line: There's too many to keep track of and the original Flip or Flop is still the best.