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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Just One Moment

So I listened to this podcast a week or two ago and they mentioned this app called Moment (For your iThing. There is an equivalent for Android, but I don't remember the name of it.) that keeps track of the time you spend on your phone. I decided to download it and see how bad I am.

It's been okay, but I have a problem with the numbers. You see, the app can't tell what you're doing on the phone, so it measures everything. Like I listen to podcasts while I work and I don't believe that should be counted. Same for music. If my focus isn't on my telephone then I don't consider it an issue and it doesn't count. Well it does for Moment.

However, it will adjust your phone hours when you do some screenshot thing that I don't get. Or allegedly it will do this because I haven't had it a week yet and it only wants the screen caps once a week. Because of this, I looked at the data from the weekend when I'm unlikely to listen to anything. I had 52 minutes on Saturday and nearly two hours on Sunday. I'm not quite sure where the Sunday time went because I don't remember using my phone much at all. Hence the reason I downloaded the app.

I'm actually really curious to see the data with the time adjusted. Without music, podcasts, or GPS/traffic, I'm betting my usage is fairly low, but I've been wrong before. I'm looking forward to getting more useful information.

ETA: This app has become hugely annoying with its constant reminders. This wouldn't be bad if it wasn't pinging me for usage on apps that I have excluded from the hourly count. Listening to podcasts or music while I work or am at the gym shouldn't count, but it won't subtract the time until after the fact. In the meantime, ping you're over this amount of time. Ping, you're over that amount of time. Grrr!