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Thursday, May 10, 2018


While I'm talking about physical efforts (referring to my post about the 5K race that I posted on Tuesday), let's discuss yoga.

So the day before the race, I went to yoga class in the morning at my gym. It nearly killed me. It was my first yoga experience ever and the teacher took us right into stuff she called "advanced." I don't know if it really was or if she was just trying to make the class feel better, but for a novice, it was difficult.

I had no plans to go back to yoga, but I'm part of a challenge at the gym that needed us to go to one class to earn points. I narrowed it down to yoga or boxing. Yes, boxing.

Ultimately, I decided on yoga. I liked the way this class was taught more than the morning class I attended, but the end result was the same. Muscles I didn't know I had are stiff and sore and I'm walking like a zombie.

Yoga is hard! I knew it would be challenging, but I didn't realize I'd be dealing with all kinds of soreness for days afterward.

I was swearing off yoga again when one of the guys I work with said that if I keep going, it'll get easier. Well, yeah. If I can still walk. But it is tempting to keep going. It would only be once a week and it would give me the chance to become more flexible.

Is Tai Chi easier? Or at least less painful? Not that it really matters since my gym doesn't offer it, but I've heard Tai Chi is good for balance and flexibility, too.