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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tweezer Tragedy

Am I the only one who has a favorite pair of tweezers? I can't be, right? I loved these tweezers--the way the tips lined up, the fine point, the ease of using them--and then the alignment went askew. This was my own fault because I was using them as a tool to readjust a pin in a drawer unit.

I'm heartbroken that I did this to my faithful and perfect pair of tweezers. I've had them since college, carried them with me to university and to jobs and to new homes and new cities--all without incident.

Maybe that's why I took them for granted to a degree. I'd used them before for small jobs and they'd always come through for me without incident. Not this time. The tip no longer aligns. They're off just far enough that only a small fraction of the tips are in contact with each other. I tried forcing them back into alignment, but sadly, it didn't work. It's as if they need to be tightened and there's just no way to do this.

I went online shopping for another pair of tweezers, one that could replace perfection. I wanted the widest variety of choices available and there's always more selection online, however, there was a problem with this--I couldn't see the tip of the tweezers. Many of the other scissor tweezers I've seen have a wider, blunt tip and I don't like this.

In the end, I ordered three pairs of tweezers--two scissor tweezers and one of that other kind (the common one that you see everywhere). Now I have to wait for them to arrive and give them a test run, hoping that just one of them will replace my beloved pair.

Of course, while I wait, I noticed a great big dark eyebrow hair growing below my brow and I have nothing with which to pluck it.