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Thursday, July 12, 2018


When my favorite towel maker had a huge sale, I bought a lot of towels and wash clothes and bath mats. I was really glad I'd gone crazy when I discovered they'd gone out of business. For years I've been using these towels I got at bargain prices. But I reached a point where the backup supply was exhausted and I was forced to buy new towels.

As it turned out, someone had bought the name to my favorite brand of towel, so I decided to buy a set of the new ones to find out how well I liked them.

They were thick and plush and I was like awesome! I threw them into the washer, dried them, and hung them up to use. It didn't take long to discover something I never considered--those super plush towels are heavy!

I've always used a huge towel to wrap my hair, now this towel is hanging from the weight and getting caught beneath my other towel. Trying to pull it loose almost guarantees that it will come unwrapped from my head. Drying off has become an adventure too because of the weight. This used to be a quick, easy thing to do. Not any longer. Now the process feels slow and laborious as I maneuver this weight around to catch water.

The label on these towels assure me that they'll only become plusher the more they're washed. :-(

It honestly never occurred to me that super plush towels would cause so many issues. They absorb well and I have no other complaints except for how heavy they are, but they're not the original towels that I loved.