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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

TPOT and the Barclay Gold

I found out yesterday that The Power of Two finished in a second place tie for Best Paranormal in the Barclay Gold!!! This was a huge surprise for me--but a great one--since I didn't even know I was a finalist! You can see all the winners on the Lake Country Romance Writers site.

I think I have the rework of chapter 5 done. That ended up taking a lot more time than I intended, and I didn't get a start on chapter 6 the way I had hoped. I think the changes I made to 5 make it better. I need to reread this morning and make sure, then I can go on to the next chapter.

Insomnia was back last night, and after I deliberately made sure I didn't have too much sleep the night before. Right now, I'm operating on 5 hours of sleep and a cup of coffee. Hopefully, forcing myself out of bed when I'd had some of the best sleep of my night will pay off when I try to rest tonight.

Oh! I had a dream last night that I stole a car from the parking lot at my day job to run errands during lunch. It was a beat up (and I mean really beat up) tiny red car. Apparently, I had brake trouble with the SUV and didn't want to take it, although why didn't I choose a better car? Anyway, I run my errands and park the car, adding a $20 gift certificate to a card explaining that I'd "borrowed" the car. Yikes!

I read somewhere that in dreams our vehicle represents our bodies, so maybe I chose the really banged up model because of the surgery I had and being stuck on crutches or in the wheelchair. It makes sense, I guess since I am feeling banged up. :-)

I still can't wake up, but I need to get moving.

MN Weather Report: 75 degrees. Hazy. Humid.