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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Shopping -- Done!

I'm probably losing all my exciting news for tomorrow (yeah, right), but this afternoon was a shopping day. I picked out the brick for the front of the house. This didn't take very long, brick is brick. It actually took much longer to drive to the brick place than it took to pick it out.

I went with a kind of beige colored thing. Maybe a little darker. I didn't like the red or pinkish brick, and a lot of the brown brick was too close to the siding. I basically ended up with 4 I was considering. The winner: Sahara Mist Modular. Means nothing, I know.

Next stop was the furniture store that was selling the table I liked. I still liked it, although the wood is a bit less red than what the picture showed, I still thought it was cool. (See Measuring blog post for the picture.) I ordered the table, had the chairs stain protected and decided to have it delivered rather than trying to load it in the back of the SUV. The store was dead, and I think the poor salesman thought he was going to lose me when he said they couldn't deliver the table till Feb 12th. :-) That actually works out really well for me because I should be in the new house by then (fingers crossed) and they can deliver it right there, rather than trying to move it later.

Then it was on to Barnes & Noble for calendars. The story was very busy so I didn't stop and check if they had Crimson Veil in because I didn't want to try to snag someone to see if it was okay for me to sign copies. The line at the register was across half the store. Could not find an Ireland or Scotland calendar--my usual standbys. Everything was extremely picked over, but I found a New Orleans calendar and went with that.

On the doorstep was a huge sample of the laminate floor for the house. And when I say huge, I mean huge. It had to be 4 feet long! Definitely like the pattern I circled in the catalog the best, so as of today, all the house decisions should be made. Thank God.

The big minus for the day? (Besides the credit card bill for the table). I found out that each color paint in the house is $100! For paint! If I would have known that, I wouldn't have picked so many colors. Hell, if I'd known that, I'd have gone over and painted myself. There is no way that paint costs that much, and even if that includes the guy who does the painting, that's still ridiculous. He's using a sprayer! It's obvious just from looking at the job and the paint on the floor. Grrr.

Anyway, what's done is done and the colors are pretty cool--mostly.